Making a wood pallet sign


I was given a challenge this week to make a pallet sign and I’m going to show you how I made it!

  • First sand the wood you are going to use. I had pallet wood hanging around thanks to some great friends. (Don & Nicole)
  • Next, I stained the wood with a dark antique glaze and let dry.
  • Then, I cut the letters on my cricut machine to stencil the letters on but I ran into a problem. I did not like the way it was turning out. Here’s a picture… image
  • I started from scratch and began with a new piece of pallet wood.
  • I decided to use a different stain. This time I used a dark walnut stain.
  • I played around with the size and font of the letters and decided to decoupage them on and paint over them. image
  • image
  • The next thing was to paint over the letters but I did not have a small brush for this so I used a toothpick.
  • image
  • I let dry and spray painted a clear satin coat for extra protection.
  • The last part was to glue on the clothespins. I ended up dipping the clothespins in the stain and let dry.
  • I used wood glue to secure the clothes pins and let dry overnight.
  • It took me 3 days for the entire process. I had to have my hubby help me with the hanger hooks. It was not easy putting them on but with a little persistence it paid off. Putting the twine string was easy breezy.
  • image
  • I love how it turned out and so did my friend! Have you tried making a pallet sign? If so please share!
  • If you would like me to make you a wood pallet sign just e-mail me at *Prices start at $25.00

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