Transforming a side table ombré style



I really do love transforming furniture! I’m going to show you how I transformed this side table that I found at a local thrift store. I love changing knobs and I thought I could change the knobs on this piece. It turned out I could not because there is a piece of wood wedged inside the drawer.

  • First, I cleaned the furniture with a Lysol wipe. It was in excellent condition and very clean when I bought it.
  • Second, I started painting the sides old white Annie Sloan chalk paint. I used two coats and let dry in between.
  • Meanwhile I started painting the bottom drawer Provence color. This will get you the dark shade as shown in the picture.image
  • Next step was to mix the next shade with 1/4 old white and 1/4 Provence. This will get you the middle shade. The lightest shade I used 1/4 white and one spoon full of Provence.
  • Before I stained I lightly sanded the top. The piece was stained with a dark walnut finish. I brushed on the stain and used a cloth to wipe off.  Be sure to use gloves and a mask. image
  • The last step was to clear wax everything but the stained part. Before I used clear wax I distressed it to give a little more character.
  • This project took me a 3-4 hours to complete. I let the stain dry for at least 24 hours before touching it.
  • Ombré isn’t just for hair! Will you be trying something similar? image
  • Sharing and reposting is encouraged! Thanks so much for reading my blog!

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