Painting a vintage chandelier

I am going to show you how you can transform an old chandelier. I found this chandelier at a flea market in St. Petersburg, Florida. The person I bought it from told me it came from an old movie theater. I love that the piece has a story and I fell in love with the shape. A little paint can breathe new life to the chandelier.

  • First, clean the piece with a damp cloth.
  • image
  • Second, figure out what color or colors you want to paint it. I decided to use three colors. I chose Florence, Coco and Graphite in Annie Sloan colors. I used a rope and wrapped it around the legs of a table so I can paint easily. I started with the Graphite( black).
  • image
  • The next layer was Coco ( coffee with cream color)
  • image
  • Florence (turquoise color) is the last layer.
  • The last step is to seal with a spray satin poly.
  • It takes less than an hour for everything to dry.
  • Now it’s ready to hang! This is hanging in my booth at Wagon Wheel Antique Mall. I love how it came out and I hope this inspires you to paint something. What painting projects would you like to try? image

Materials used:

Annie Sloan chalk paint

paint brush

sealer of your choice



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