Treasure hunting in Charlotte, NC

This past weekend I went to Charlotte, NC with some friends. We went to a concert and was able to visit some cool places there. We went treasure hunting and found some cool items I will be putting in my booth soon. I also visited a fabulous store called Lila Home Designs where I got some new paint to try by Amy Howard. Stay tuned for that blog.  Here are some of the items I found while treasure hunting.



This pail is a minty color. I added some ribbon for some flair. I can see lots of uses for this. Maybe the base of a Christmas Tree or Fall flowers. Just think the possibilities. This piece is $12.

imageI found this beautiful vintage dance recital dress from a lady that use to dance when she was younger. It’s absolutely beautiful and in perfect condition. This item is $45.

imageThe pink suitcase is so cute! It has Home Interiors Gifts painted in the front corner of the suitcase.  I fell in love when I saw it! It is in excellent condition I can see lots of uses for this. For example, storing that special handmade quilt from grandma, stacking a few suitcases for an end table is another option. This item is $30. 

I will be putting these items in my booth by the weekend. It was fun treasure hunting in another state. I will definitely do it again. Have you found items when you travel? If so please share. Thank you for reading my blog. Sharing and liking is encouraged!


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