Stained table using Java gel stain

I’m going to show you how I transformed this wood table using Java gel stain.

First, I made sure the piece was clean. I painted the legs and bottom section graphite color which is a dark gray. I let dry for 20 min.

Next, I painted over the graphite color a white color. (old white) I let dry.

Then, I distressed the legs with sandpaper so the dark color shows through. I did this randomly and made sure that the wood grain shows. I sealed with a clear wax and let sit overnight.

The next day it was time to do the top part. I bought Java gel stain from a local wood furniture place.( Wood U) This stain is easy to work with.

After sanding lightly and clearing the dust it was time to brush on the Java gel stain. I started in small sections and used a clean cotton rag to wipe away the excess. I was satisfied with the results so I just did one coat. I sealed with satin poly acrylic and let sit overnight.

Overall I really LOVE how it turned out. I will be taking this to my booth at Wagon Wheel Antiques Mall. It is priced at $89.00 Thanks for reading my blog.


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