How I made my own King sized headboard

I’m going to show you how I made my own headboard! I was able to snatch these wood closet doors that were thrown away! I cleaned them real good and were just sitting in my back porch ready for a future project. I decided to make a headboard with them for myself. I have been living without a headboard for years! Here is a before picture of my bed without a headboard.image

imageimageThe doors were plain white when I got them. I made sure everything was clean before I started painting. I chose french linen (gray) & Florence (turquoise) with old white mixed in. I painted a pattern. There are 6 doors all together. This was perfect for my king sized bed.

After all the doors were dry I sanded all the doors especially where I painted.image The next thing  was putting all the doors behind my bed. I did not have to secure them on the wall. My bed is tall from the ground and supports the doors as is. They added light in the room and made my ceiling look taller. I am super happy how they turned out. I’m going to distress a little more for that chippy look. I also refreshed my pillows with covers from Hobby Lobby. My duvet cover is from Anthropologie a few years ago which I still love! The S frame that I added was in my living room and I just decided to bring it in my bedroom. I used the command strips to mount on the headboard. the cost of this was under $20. I already had the paint from left over projects. The doors were FREE!  The pillow covers were $18 altogether. (I used the 40% off coupon) the project took about 4-5 hours to complete. What do you think? Would you try to make your own headboard? Let me know! Thank you for reading my blog! Scroll down below to see some of the furniture for sale at Wagon Wheel. I also just started up my etsy store (Blackpearlupcycled) for my small Upcycled art that I also enjoy making. Check it out!


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