Farmhouse style coffee table makeover

When you see good bones on a piece of furniture you snatch it! That’s exactly what I did when I purchased this table from a friend! I’m going to show you what I did to turn it to a very cool piece!

  • First, I cleaned it with a damp rag. The top was sanded down already when I purchased it. (Woo hoo!) Here is a before photo: image
  • Second, I decided to stain the top using Java gel. I used a foam brush to apply evenly on top. Working in small sections at a time I applied then swiped off with a rag.
  • Next, I decided to paint the legs old white (ASCP). I wanted to add an unexpected flair to the piece without compromising the farmhouse look. I taped off edge and painted trim on top white too. I painted two coats on the legs and trim.
  • Then, I waxed the legs and trim. I used dark wax mixed with mineral spirits to get the glazed/antique look.imageimage
  • Finally, I distressed legs and applied one more clear wax coat for extra protection! I added a polycrylic satin coat on top 2x.image
  • Coffee tables get a lot of wear and tear so that’s why I added extra protection. The knobs I switched out too. I’m really happy how it turned out. What do you think? It’s for sale at Wagon Wheel Antique Mall! Remember I’m on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest! I’m also working on my etsy store that is ready! Thank you for reading my blog!image

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