Mason Jar Chandelier DIY

Have you seen this on Pinterest and wondered how to make it? This week I will show you how I made this cute mason jar chandelier. You can make it too! Here are the steps.

Gather all materials : Chandelier, jute, mod podge, spray paint, mason jars, round light bulbs, glass pendant, Goop glue.

  1. Find a chandelier and make sure it works. I found one that has the extension to plug in the wall.
  2. Spray paint any color you wish. I painted this one in satin white.
  3. Wrap jute around with mod podge. I used a paint brush to cover the area first and then add the jute tightly around. This requires lots of patience.  image image image

4. Next, spray paint the mason jar lids in the same color as the chandelier.

5. Glue the jar lids on the bottom where the light rests. I used Goop glue. You screw in the mason jar onto these.

image 6. Let everything dry overnight. The next day screw in the round light bulbs and mason jar. Add the glass pendant for a chic look. I used jewelry pliers to attach it to the bottom. Now it’s ready!

This is for sale! Going to Wagon wheel! I love making things that you can’t go buy at the store and not everyone has! I can’t wait for someone to enjoy this in their home. Thanks for reading!

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