5 tips in finding the perfect furniture piece


Hello and I’m so excited to share with you 5 tips on finding the perfect furniture piece for your home.

1. Set a budget. This is very important because you will see all kinds of pieces at different price ranges. Sometimes you will find higher quality for higher price. This will also keep you focused and have a peace of mind knowing you bought a piece you can afford.

2. Be patient! Sometimes it may take a few weeks and even months. I can truly testify to this. If I don’t LOVE it I don’t buy it. Don’t be stuck with something you don’t like because you got impatient and just needed to get something. A house is not a home overnight.

3. Search in unexpected places. Those stores that look scary are sometimes where the treasures are! Have an adventurous spirit and go for it!

4. Bring a measuring tape. Make sure you measure your spot where the piece will go. I have had to say no to lots of pieces because of this.

5. Find the style that you like and have fun! Is it farmhouse? Boho? Rustic? Coastal? Modern? This will help you and narrowing down what you like. Remember that you can find a piece and if it’s not the color you want you can always paint it or hire me to do it!

Thanks for reading my blog! Comments always welcome

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