Painting Tips

Painting plastic

I’m going to show you that you can transform anything in your home with Chalk paint. Did you know you can paint plastic with chalk paint? I had a request from a customer to paint something in her home that is plastic. It is an Ikea organizer. I will show you how I did it.

First, I made sure everything was clean with a damp cloth. Here is a before pictureimage

Next, I painted two coats of coco color ASCP and let dry in between coats. image

Then, I sealed with a clear wax using the wax brush.

The owner spray painted an off white color before I painted the piece. I distressed lightly with a sand block to reveal the off white color. The original color was lime green. I distressed lightly on edges to reveal the green.

The owner added knobs to this piece for some added flair. Overall I think it looks great! I told the owner to let me know over time how it has held up! I will do an update to let you know how it’s done over time. What do you think? Will you try something similar? Thanks for reading my blog! Don’t forget to scroll down to see the latest treasures for sale at Wagon Wheel Antique Mall!




5 Tips for Beginner Painters

paint brush
1. Don't stress. Enjoy the process it's ok to mess up. You will know what NOT to do next time.  
2. Start with a small piece. You will gain confidence once you have one small painting project under your belt. 
3. Don't go crazy. Buying every kind of paint, polish, materials will overwhelm you. Use what you have already. For example: paint rags you can use old t-shirts or pillow cases that are worn out.
4. Try to paint in a ventilated area. The fumes from the paint may not be good for you. Even the low odor paints can cause headaches if not well ventilated. Unless you use chalk paint that is Eco friendly.(another topic on another day) 
5. Pick a day that is low humidity if possible. Paint does not dry well when it is high humidity and raining. I live in Florida where it can get real humid and I have learned my lesson for sure! What are your painting tips you would like to share?