Travel finds

Old doors

A few weeks ago I was able to go celebrate my anniversary with my husband of 13 years. We went to Puerto Rico my native homeland. While we were there we were able to go to historic places. I became obsessed with old doors. Everywhere we went I took pictures of old doors. Here are a few…image image image image image image image image There’s just something really amazing about old doors! I came back from this trip refreshed! I am more motivated than ever to keep doing what I’m doing! Paint, create and helping people! Thanks for reading! Follow me on Instagram & Facebook for weekly updates on my projects! Have you traveled anywhere and have been inspired? If so please share! Have a great week!

Treasure hunting in Charlotte, NC

This past weekend I went to Charlotte, NC with some friends. We went to a concert and was able to visit some cool places there. We went treasure hunting and found some cool items I will be putting in my booth soon. I also visited a fabulous store called Lila Home Designs where I got some new paint to try by Amy Howard. Stay tuned for that blog.  Here are some of the items I found while treasure hunting.



This pail is a minty color. I added some ribbon for some flair. I can see lots of uses for this. Maybe the base of a Christmas Tree or Fall flowers. Just think the possibilities. This piece is $12.

imageI found this beautiful vintage dance recital dress from a lady that use to dance when she was younger. It’s absolutely beautiful and in perfect condition. This item is $45.

imageThe pink suitcase is so cute! It has Home Interiors Gifts painted in the front corner of the suitcase.  I fell in love when I saw it! It is in excellent condition I can see lots of uses for this. For example, storing that special handmade quilt from grandma, stacking a few suitcases for an end table is another option. This item is $30. 

I will be putting these items in my booth by the weekend. It was fun treasure hunting in another state. I will definitely do it again. Have you found items when you travel? If so please share. Thank you for reading my blog. Sharing and liking is encouraged!