Before and After Hutch

This week I had the privilege to paint a hutch for a client. They had bought some of my furniture from Wagon Wheel Antiques. They wanted to match their hutch to one of the pieces that they purchased from my booth. They custom picked the colors they wanted and I was ready to go! The cool thing I like about custom orders is that it forces me to try color combinations I wouldn’t normally try. They chose Paris Gray and Provence. Here is a before picture:

imageThe first thing I did was clean the piece. Then I started painting the blue Provence color. The owners took the knobs out which was very helpful.




imageThen I took the glass out because it was easier to paint. I painted Paris gray over the blue.



I try to let some blue peak through. Then I distressed with sandpaper.




I applied clear wax and then dark wax. I also painted the inside blue. (not the wood part) I put the knobs back in.


Finally, I buffed and re-touched some areas. This project took 2.5 days. It was well worth it. The owners are really happy. They are going to move to the panhandle and getting their furniture ready for the beachy look.  I will update this post when I get the final photo. Thanks for reading!



*update* The final photo.






How to transform a small dresser


I love transforming furniture! I’m going to show you a thrift store side table/filing cabinet turned into a fabulous piece for your home. This piece can be used as a filing cabinet or side dresser.

  • I cleaned the furniture with a simple damp rag and took out the hardware. The top base comes off which was also a unique feature.
  • I used old white Annie Sloan chalk paint and for the drawers I mixed my own color. I came up with a blue/green minty shade which I fell in love with. I applied two coats of each shade and let dry in between.image
  • Next, I slightly sanded to give a distress look. I used two coats of clear wax to seal the color in.
  • While everything was drying I worked on the top part. I decided to stain it in a dark walnut finish. I applied the stain with a brush and waited a few minutes and used a cloth to wipe off in the same direction as the grain. It took 2 days for the top base to completely dry before putting the clear coat.I used clear Polycrylic in satin to seal the top base. I used two coats and let dry in between.
  • .photo (40)
  • Now it was time to put new handles since one was broken from the set when I first got the (39)
  • Just a side note this was the hardest part in my opinion of the entire process. I searched at all the local home improvements store and had no luck finding the size I needed! I went to Hobby Lobby and they had one set out of all their handles and knobs that fit. Then, after finding the right handles the screws that came with it did not work because they were too short. I ended up at True Value Hardware store and an angel that looked like a leprechaun helped me find the screws I needed. It took two trips for that one! It took an entire day for this… PHEW!!
  • After putting the handles on the piece, it was finally finished and I sang a Hallelujah song! image
  • I hope this helps you with any future upcycling projects. What set backs have you had in any upcycling projects?

How to turn an old mirror into a chic chalkboard.

photo (31)

I was so excited to find this vintage mirror a few months ago at a local thrift store! I am going to tell you how I turned it into a cool chic chalkboard.

  • First, I cleaned the mirror with a glass cleaner. I cleaned the frame with a Lysol wipe.
  • Next, I decided on painting the frame a cream color from the Annie Sloan chalk paint collection. I used two coats and let dry between coats.
  • Then, I used the Annie Sloan clear wax to protect the paint. I also used the dark wax with a small paint brush for some aged effects. I used another coat of clear wax to seal everything in place.
  • The final step was to make the mirror a chalkboard. I used the black finish in a quart size. (a little goes a long way) You can purchase smaller sizes at your local craft stores.

photo (32)

  • Apply two coats with a foam brush not the roller kind. (I tried with a roller foam brush and it wasn’t spreading nicely) I let dry between coats.

.photo (30)

  • The last step is to condition the chalkboard by taking a piece of chalk sideways and rubbing it on. The directions said to wait 3 days after the last coat of paint to condition it and about a week to use any water to clean chalkboard. This entire process took about 4-5 days. I love how it turned out!

photo (33)

I hope this inspires you to get up and do something too! What experiences have you had with chalkboard paint? I would love to hear from you!