shabby chic

Makeover dresser found in burn pile. 

Hello! It’s been awhile since I blogged but I’ve been non-stop for months. This week I was able to work on some of my own projects which is very rare. I’m going to show you how I turned this unwanted dresser into a chic piece. I found this piece with a friend in a burn pile ready to be burned! How sad! Actually my friend spotted it first underneath all sorts of junk! The original drawers have been broken and no good! I knew right away with some love this piece had potential. Here is a photo of the burn pile…..

First, I cleaned & vacummed every little detail and corner. I made sure there wasn’t any hidden animals living inside. Ha! Here is a before picture…..

Second, I decided to strip the top and I discovered a new layer of paint in a light pretty coral color. I decided to stop and use that color as a layering piece & slightly sanded off some of the white layer.

Next, I chose Paris Grey ASCP and painted the entire piece with just a light wash of gray on top. I wanted to make sure the coral color would show through.

Then, I went to Lowes with the measurements of where I wanted the shelves. I had them cut 3 pieces of particle board to fit inside. I had to purchase an entire sheet and came home with the extra. I painted these grey too. I also purchased pretty trim that I cut to size.

After, I nailed the boards in the corners I glued the trim. I painted & distressed the entire piece including trim.

The last shelf was giving me a hard time. I had to use wood filler to even everything out. Overall this project to a few days and a lot of elbow grease! I spent about $20 in materials. The dresser was free. I really love how it came out. I’m going to find some cute baskets to put inside shelves. This piece is not for sale. I hope this inspires to think twice about throwing away a dresser. Thanks for reading! Comments appreciated!

Trying new paints

This week I finished painting a headboard and footboard with Amy Howard paint. I used Robins egg blue color that is a really pale blue. I am really happy how it turned out and I’ve been getting lots of inquiries on this piece. I like using different paints that are out there. Recently I purchased paint called Miss Mustard’s Seed milk paint. I will be trying it out on a small table and letting you know how I like it. Here’s a photo:




This piece I had to fight for at an antique auction I attended in the fall. I have finally been able to paint it. It is for sale for $299.00 and fits a Full size bed. Scroll all the way to the bottom and check out my slideshow of all things for sale at Wagon Wheel Antique Mall. Have you painted a headboard before? How did it turn out? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Transform an ugly frame

I’m working on some frames this week.I found some frames at a local thrift store.
I will show you how you can transform an ugly frame to a very chic frame.


First , I cleaned the frame with windex.
Second, I painted the frame Provence color using a regular paint brush.

Third, I started making a flower out of twine. I used a paper flower on top of the twine. All you have to do is make loops and hot glue together.


I used a small piece of burlap to hold everything together.

Last, I sealed with a clear wax and the frame is ready!

Just think the endless possibilities of all the cute frames you can transform with paint!

Have you tried something similar? Please share.

Materials used

hot glue


paper flower

small piece of burlap or felt


paint brush