side table

Side table before & after

This week I enjoyed turning an ordinary side table into a super adorable piece. Here are the steps for the makeover.

  • First I cleaned it with a damp cloth. Here is a before picture.
  • image
  • Second, I had leftover paint from a previous project and decided to paint it Graphite (ASCP). Two coats and let dry. I took the drawer out and did not paint that part. I flipped the piece over to get better coverage on the legs. (Always a good idea to flip over and paint)
  • Next, I applied a coat of wax and lightly distressed edges with a sand block.
  • Then, I changed the knob on the drawer.
  • image
  • Finally, I waited overnight and buffed the piece with a clean cotton rag the next day.
  • imageIt’s ready for a new home now! My friend recently gave me this piece. (Thanks Jaime!) I’m very excited that someone will enjoy this piece in their home. It’s for sale! Thanks for reading!

Side table makeover

I’m going to show you how to transform a simple side table into a beach/cottage table with a few layers of paint.

First, make sure the piece is clean and dry. I used a wet cloth to wipe any dirt off the piece.

imageSecond, I started with a coco color over the white.


Next, I started painted over the coco color a blue color called Provence.



After everything was dry I used started distressing with sand paper randomly exposing the colors underneath. This technique is fun because different layers of colors add so much character to the piece.

image*Painting tip* turn the piece upside down to make sure you get the legs and all the odd places painted properly.

imageFinally, it is time to seal the piece with a clear wax. Wipe on the wax with a brush and wipe off excess with a clean cotton rag. Then buff all around by wiping with another clean rag.

This piece will be going to my booth at Wagon Wheel. It will be for sale for $39.00. It would look great in a sun room or a bedroom as a night stand.


Thank you for reading my blog.

*note* Annie Sloan colors & wax were used in this project.





Transforming a side table ombré style



I really do love transforming furniture! I’m going to show you how I transformed this side table that I found at a local thrift store. I love changing knobs and I thought I could change the knobs on this piece. It turned out I could not because there is a piece of wood wedged inside the drawer.

  • First, I cleaned the furniture with a Lysol wipe. It was in excellent condition and very clean when I bought it.
  • Second, I started painting the sides old white Annie Sloan chalk paint. I used two coats and let dry in between.
  • Meanwhile I started painting the bottom drawer Provence color. This will get you the dark shade as shown in the picture.image
  • Next step was to mix the next shade with 1/4 old white and 1/4 Provence. This will get you the middle shade. The lightest shade I used 1/4 white and one spoon full of Provence.
  • Before I stained I lightly sanded the top. The piece was stained with a dark walnut finish. I brushed on the stain and used a cloth to wipe off.  Be sure to use gloves and a mask. image
  • The last step was to clear wax everything but the stained part. Before I used clear wax I distressed it to give a little more character.
  • This project took me a 3-4 hours to complete. I let the stain dry for at least 24 hours before touching it.
  • Ombré isn’t just for hair! Will you be trying something similar? image
  • Sharing and reposting is encouraged! Thanks so much for reading my blog!

Transform an old sewing table into a drink/snack station


  • I was on Pinterest and came across a photo that caught my attention. turned an old sewing machine into a server station using spray paint. I decided to use chalk paint to transform this old sewing table. I found this piece at a local thrift store.
  • First, I cleaned the piece with TSP (check out the video on how to clean your furniture before painting ) It was quite dirty and who knows where and how long this piece was sitting around collecting dirt. Here is a before picture…..


  • Next, I used Annie Sloan chalk paint and mixed Old white with Provence and it created a beautiful blue. (1 cup Provence & 3/4 cup old white)


  • Then, I painted two coats and let dry in between. I put a clear wax to seal the paint.
  • I should of done this step earlier but when everything was dry I took out all the parts inside that are not necessary out.

20140515-092511.jpg 20140515-092519.jpg

  • I found this galvanized bucket at Michael’s craft store. It was the perfect size for the job. I ended up painting the hardware originally on the piece.


  • Now it was time to add a shelf. This part I had to ask for help. A friend helped cut to size a piece of wood I had laying around and sealed it with Shellac.image
  • Then I wanted to add some leftover trim for some flair. I cut to size the trim and used clamps to hold trim in place. I used gorilla glue to hold the trim in place.image

image   It is now ready! What do you think? This piece is for sale $99.00 bucket is included. Local delivery or pick up in Central Florida. Call or text at 352.286.9518 if interested and for more information.